8 Bales Honey is located on a pristine property set in the Caldera region of Northern NSW. The Caldera is a cauldron shaped landform remnant of an ancient volcano. The soil on the property is rich and fertile with 3 kilometres of natural river frontage. Our bee hives have been established and are registered with the NSW Government. The premises have been inspected and approved for honey production and bottling.

The bees forage through both the fauna of the neighboring National Park and our newly cultivated Leptospermum polygalifolium, ( jellybush) plantation . This species has leapt into prominence in recent times due to the medicinal properties of the honey produced from the flowers. The honey which will be produced from the Jelly bush is very similar in terms of its chemical structure and medicinal properties to Manuka honey. We are in the process of expanding this plantation from 3000 to 5000 trees.


With 30 hives currently in healthy production and plans to expand with 50 additional hives by summer 8 Bales Honey is already producing excellent untreated natural honey. The honey will be tested by the team at the University of the Sunshine Coast after jellybush flowering season ( typically November-December) to asses medicinal levels. We produce quality honey using our cold extraction methods, which helps to preserve the many beneficial compounds and enzymes found in honey.

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